TETRACORE CONSULTING, LLC is a single member limited liability consulting firm based in Los Angeles. Our firm serves a national client base. Dr. Nicole Johnson is the founding member and primary consultant. As the founder, I have access to other supporting consultants in the fields of business, education, marketing, and leadership.  We value Integrity, Intuition, Innovation, and Inspiration.

TETRACORE is a high touch consultancy firm. We deliver value to customers, get them to pay for that value, and convert those payments to profit by offering different effective training modalities: one-to-one coaching and mentoring, phone and group coaching, conference calls, social and collaboration tools, live and recorded webinars, coaching corners, customized in person instructor-led classes, games and simulation (in-person), industry conferences and retreats, training, virtual synchronous classrooms, workshops, and video- learning. Our business model provides instant consulting, whereby clients get results and see tangible benefits from day one.


$52 Billion

In 2016, Wall Street reported $52 billion was spent on training and skill development. 

There is a market need to develop a growing new workforce, which is gig based and relies on a multigenerational workforce. New and existing companies desire a 21st century approach to extract the “Best” out of each employee. Designing intuitive, practical, and robust upskilling programs for your employees using our learning platform and methods is what we do BEST.

Companies spend the most on training senior leaders. According to Training Magazine (2016) a 50 year old industry magazine that advocates for training and workforce development as a business tool,  “Organizations tend to use a “trickle-down” approach when they leverage their training dollars. When we look at per-learner training budgets, we see that companies clearly are spending more money ($1,000-plus per learner) on senior leadership, and generally spend less at the lower manager and employee levels.”


There are numerous ways to upskill and reskill corporate Adult Learners, using instructor or facilitator led instruction or a blended format. Coaching, consulting, and mentoring, are the most effective business tools to develop the workforce. According to the Brandon Hall Group Training Benchmarking Study (2016) instructor-led training has the highest use rating, and it also has one of the highest effectiveness ratings. Yet, it is not the highest rated for effectiveness. The Brandon Hall study claims coaching and mentoring ranks the highest for effectiveness when it comes to upskilling employees to get extraordinary results. TetraCore Consulting offers a variety of training modalities including:


Organizational Leadership Training


Communication & Strategic Planning


Educational and Executive Skills


Management and Professional Development

Who We Serve:

TetraCore Consulting serves government entities and private enterprises. Our training courses are designed to provide civilian employees with exceptional personal and professional growth through workshops, trainings, and executive coaching to effectively achieve organizational and mission goals and close existing competency gaps. Our customers receive a personalized and individualized development plan (IDP) along with self assessments during our high touch trainings.

Our aim is to develop your people to be their very best. We do this by designing enriching content and providing research based organizational behavioral approaches, concepts, and tools. Our learning approach increases productivity, positive stamina, improves emotional intelligence, effective interpersonal communication skills, and leadership capacity.