Core Competencies

TetraCore provides creative, intuitive, and practical solutions and design optimal learning content for Adult Learners in an organizational setting that is engaging, memorable, and lasts beyond the learning event. Our content is customizable and delivered through retreats, trainings, and workshops.


Organizational Leadership Training


Communication & Strategic Planning


Educational and Executive Skills


Management and Professional Development

We Offer:

One-to-one, Phone, Group, And Online Coaching and Consulting Services


We offer customizable courses in blended format, face-to-face, or fully online.
Consulting services include:

  • Executive Coaching Packages
  • Workshops
  • Retreats
  • Professional Development Trainings

We are a strengths-based company and focus on individual strengths skills, systems, culture and up-skilling and re-skilling your workforce. 

We have two fundamentally different modes of thinking focused and diffuse modes.Employing both allows Adult Learners and your employees to learn easier and be less frustrated.

Focused learning is intense concentration on information you need to acquire or reinforcement of material you are already familiar with and possess schema, prior knowledge.

Learning something difficult or new takes time. These two modes of thinking help people to learn in different ways. Both focused and diffuse thinking are required. Learners need focus, concentration and frequent breaks. We use games, humor, and play to activate diffuse thinking, which is a more relaxed mode of thinking. Play, games, role playing, case studies, periods of relaxation, and simulations allow the mind to roam free and thus produce new and innovative ideas and creative solutions. Play activates diffuse learning, which enables the brain to reorganize information and make new connections. In order to get the best out of your employees and maximize the trainings, workshops, and seminars focused and diffuse thinking will be used along with anti-conventional thinking and big picture thinking.

Our trainings incorporate both modes of thinking as this approach is most effective when teaching Adult Learners.. We use self assessments, videos as Andragogical tools, inquiry, observation, hands on intuitive and practical tools and solutions to accelerate the learning process.

Our Trainings Are:

  • Participative: 80% of the trainings involves interactive exercises and different modalities. Focused and diffuse modes of thinking allows the brain to alternate its ways of learning as it grapples with and assimilates new material
  • Memorable & Enjoyable: Trainings are designed to ensure the participants feel comfortable and enjoy the learning experience we use play, humor, learning games and videos as some of most effective teaching techniques
  • Applied: Each participant commits in writing to apply techniques learned in class to work
  • Results oriented: We use the best Adult Learning principles and practices and explicitly teach how adults learn and retain new information using diffuse and focused thinking. Participants can readily apply new skills and learning on the job